Landlord insurance is incredibly important to protect the investment of a landlord. However, this type of insurance generally only covers damage to the structure of the building or things that can lose the landlord’s money. Landlord insurance does not cover damage that occurs to the personal possessions of tenants. Renters insurance can go a long way toward protecting tenants that reside in rental property from sustaining a significant financial loss. 


Liability coverage is vital for homeowners and renters alike. If someone gets injured on your property, you will likely be liable for medical and legal expenses. Renters insurance helps to offset these costs. 

Temporary Living Arrangements

If your apartment or rental property becomes uninhabitable, you will have to find another place to stay temporarily. Renters insurance will often pay for the expenses of a hotel or other temporary living arrangement. 

Personal Possessions

Renters insurance covers personal possessions when they are damaged in a variety of ways. These ways include fires, theft, vandalism, smoke, and many other things. It won’t, however, cover damage due to neglect, flooding, war, and a few other things. It can be incredibly expensive to replace personal property. Renters insurance is a rather affordable, cost-effective method for protecting these possessions from sustaining significant amounts of damage. 

There are a few additional options that will help to protect your possessions or property. If you live in an area that is at high risk of flooding, you may want to obtain a separate flood insurance policy to minimize the likelihood of damage to your life and property. Many landlords require that their tenants obtain renters insurance in order to rent property from them. This is done for good reason, due to the many benefits that renters insurance provides. To learn more about the things that renters insurance covers, contact us at the Keyrenter in Sacramento today!